Sunday, 30 January 2011

A 'splash of lilac' at Play Date Cafe....

Still striving for inspiration I thought I'd browse a few blogs and see if I could find a challenge, or two, to get those juices flowing!
At The Play Date Cafe I found this one..create using just black and white with a splash of lilac/ I thought I'd give it a go!! I know...I'm getting SOOOO brave!!!

I started off by painting the edges of the plaque with black paint. I then created the background paper using very watery purple and lilac acrylic paint, onto which I placed masks and sprayed Aubergine and Granite Dylusions Spray Inks. I finished of with a swipe (good word !) of gesso. I then stuck my 'masterpiece' to the plaque and edged with Black Soot DI. My favourite Stampotique stamps came out again...and were just highlighted with a touch of Dusty Concorde DI. As both my characters had such lovely smiles  I felt this saying was perfect to complete my first challenge! :)

I hope it's I'm worrying that I've used more than a 'splash', or that I don't follow the instructions to post it correctly...AARRRGGGHHHH!!! Big gulp...and here goes!!!


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Here at last....

I actually made my canvas at the weekend, but have only just found time to blog!
I have received my copy of Art Journalling, so have spent a while browsing and wondering if I really can do that!! It's certainly a beautiful book full of this space...I might get brave, you never know!!
I have also taken delivery of a Configuration Box this week, as I was so taken with the ones I have seen on other blogs, so I'm thinking what to do with that!
Anyway, here's the canvas....I am really pleased with it :)

I love 'house' stamps and was really taken with this one as soon as I saw it. I've had it quite a while, but hadn't got round to doing anything with it (unfortunately, like quite a lot of my crafting purchases!) I did the background with acrylic paints...I liked the idea of the masking technique in this months Craft Stamper, so thought I'd have a try. I sprayed Walnut Glimmer Mist over my masking letters and heart, then added a bit of Distress Ink to make them stand out a little more. They still weren't quite as prominent as I wanted so I edged them with a fine black marker....then I was happy!! I stuck a couple of extra punched hearts onto the house just to stress the 'love'!! A printed message finished it off.

I have also made my Valentine's card and am busy on birthday cards, as both Ian and Sam have February birthdays just 4 days apart. I'm keeping these under wraps for the highly unlikely chance of them going blog hopping!!! BIG news of the week is that I managed to secure a cancellation at the Artsycrafts with Tim Holtz session!! Very sorry for the person who couldn't make it but even happier for me!!! I decided in the first place that I didn't want to go, but seeing all the snippets that keep appearing I was beginning to regret my decision....NO LONGER!!!!!
That reminds me...I haven't blogged the stuff I made at Artsycrafts in October...will do it soon!


Monday, 17 January 2011

So good!!!

Well I'm doing pretty well so far at getting things going again ...and keeping at it!!!
First of all...I found Bethany's bracelet, she hadn't taken it with here it is...

One of the things that kept me away from crafting in the summer was the grand decorating of our bedroom. We have a fireplace in there which had had a vase of flowers in it for FAAAARR too long, so I decided I wanted to make something to fill the gap. I had some ideas and got started on it ages ago, but this weekend actually got round to putting all the bits together and completing it! Amazingly, I had only mislaid one of my printed words, which was a result in itself! I'm really pleased with my art work....but, don't think Ian has even noticed it yet :(

I painted the background with acrylic paint, then sprayed over a mask with Glimmer Mist. I filled the spaces with a variety of 'background' stamps. The chipboard butterflies were painted black, then clear embossed. I added a variety of lighter coloured paints and Distress Inks until I was happy with the way they looked. The grungeboard letters are coloured with Distress Inks and then have a little Stickles rubbed onto them. The rest of the words I printed off and coloured with watered down ink to help them blend. The words are from a song, which is actually about dying, but I liked them for this....I'm a little odd, I know!!!

Here's the finished product 'in situ'.....

Oh, yes! Also found the bits of fairy I'd dropped on the floor, so she may get her sister yet!!!

Be back soon!! xx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A New Venture!!

Bethany and I paid a visit to Chester on Wednesday to see my friend Helen. Bethany was desperate to see Helen's baby, Georgie, as she has always been otherwise engaged on the occasions we've met up since Georgie was born (a whole year ago today...can't believe it!!)
 Helen works in a fantastic bead shop called The Bead Trail, so it seemed like a good place to meet. Bethany chose beads to make a bracelet, which she completed under Helen's instruction...she did very well, apparently!! The finished product was lovely, but I didn't take photos and now it's gone to Sheffield!
Here she is working on it anway...

Whilst we were shopping, I spotted a gorgeous beaded fairy and swiftly decided..."I could do that!!" So this afternoon, ironing complete and boys at the football, I thought I'd give it a go...

I went from this....... this

A closer view!!!

I am not even prepared to say how long this took...but I am delighted with the finished result!! The pack was to complete two fairies, but I fear she is to be an 'only child'.......I'd have to find too many bits off the floor, for starters!!!

Hope you like her was nice to do something completely different :)

I'll finish with a photo of the two lovelies!!!

Bethany & Georgie

Bye for now xxx

Monday, 3 January 2011

So far, so good!!!

Well, so far am keeping up with my little bit of crafting, even it's only been tidying my craft room or browsing through Craft Stamper!
 Have been busy this morning though...Bethany's lovely boyfriend, Dave, has been staying with us for a few days and tomorrow is his sisters birthday, so I had a request to make a card with 'one of those funny little people'!! Always happy to get my Stampotique stamps, here it is...

I love the trend for bunting that's around at the moment, so I made my own Happy Birthday version and also gave the 'funny little person' a balloon to hold. Hope it goes down well tomorrow!!

One of my friends has sadly lost her dad over the holiday and so I made this card for her and her family...

My final offering, for now, is the Christmas card I made for mum and dad...I hadn't taken a photo so couldn't post with the rest the other day...

Off to tidy up the mess I've made now...then a family trip to the cinema and our local pizzeria, before we all get back on the diet tomorrow!!


Saturday, 1 January 2011

I know, I know........

 Not really sure what happened SIX months ago....just got very bogged down with other things and my crafting took a back seat, except for things I NEEDED to do...and somehow when I NEED to do something I don't enjoy it the same....OK I'm going to stop rambling and declare that my New Year's Resolution is to be a more regular blogger and reader of blogs and to spend a little bit of time crafting EVERY day!!

Here's a few things I knocked up in my long absence....

Bethany's Christmas card......


...and Sam's...

...and a Ruby Wedding canvas..

HAPPY NEW YEAR....and see you all soon xx