Sunday, 9 January 2011

A New Venture!!

Bethany and I paid a visit to Chester on Wednesday to see my friend Helen. Bethany was desperate to see Helen's baby, Georgie, as she has always been otherwise engaged on the occasions we've met up since Georgie was born (a whole year ago today...can't believe it!!)
 Helen works in a fantastic bead shop called The Bead Trail, so it seemed like a good place to meet. Bethany chose beads to make a bracelet, which she completed under Helen's instruction...she did very well, apparently!! The finished product was lovely, but I didn't take photos and now it's gone to Sheffield!
Here she is working on it anway...

Whilst we were shopping, I spotted a gorgeous beaded fairy and swiftly decided..."I could do that!!" So this afternoon, ironing complete and boys at the football, I thought I'd give it a go...

I went from this....... this

A closer view!!!

I am not even prepared to say how long this took...but I am delighted with the finished result!! The pack was to complete two fairies, but I fear she is to be an 'only child'.......I'd have to find too many bits off the floor, for starters!!!

Hope you like her was nice to do something completely different :)

I'll finish with a photo of the two lovelies!!!

Bethany & Georgie

Bye for now xxx


Gez said...

Well Done Jayne your fairy is gorgeous.. I dread to think how long it took! You must have lots of patience. Hope you have a great week. Gez.xx

patcrafts said...

I love your beaded fairy Jayne. I keep meaning to go to Chester, I was born there. Would love to find the shop and try something different.
Pat xx

flutterbycrafter said...

The beaded fairly is fantastic, doesn't matter how long it took it was well worth it. xx

Creek Corner Beading said...

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