Thursday, 14 January 2010

WOW!!! Tidy room....

Well the book was a huge success with Bethany...I am so pleased with it, it was certainly worth all the hard work.I have been busy getting my craft room into an area that is actually pleasurable to work in. Just before Christmas I ordered another Really Useful Storage Unit from Storage4Crafts and have spent the last week having a good clear out. The snow came in useful for this as I couldn't move my car off the drive and school was closed!!I have now, rather belatedly, started on my 2010 diary a la Kate at The Kathryn Wheel. I have been writing my snippets down in a book all ready to transfer to my finished this space!!

Well, I had a delivery (2 months worth, cos of the weather!) from my lovely Stampin' Up lady, Maria yesterday...oh, and one from Sizzix, too...I really must i'm off to put that away, and get to work on that diary. ......And, back to Weight Watchers tonight, before I go POP!!!!
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I'm back!!

I'm back!! Been busy over Christmas, and then.....the SNOW!!!! Had enough of it quite honestly now, but hey!! Thought I would post some pictures of my garden which did look stunning...I still can't believe how deep the snow was on the bird bath ( and everywhere else, of course!) Had to put one of my lovely snow 'babies' on too!!!

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