Saturday, 20 February 2010


Well the motto of the story is "Preview before you publish"!!!! Don't know what happened there in my previous post because the photo was the right way round when I was typing!! Hey ho!!! Anyway, as I was apologising once again for my technical incompetence, I thought I may as well put another couple of pictures on.
The first one is Ian's birthday card...I saw this card in Craft Stamper and thought I'd give the whole photo tinting thing a go. I used Distress Inks and Paperartsy stamps for the background. The watch face has Crackle Accents on it. The gorgeous baby is my lovely husband aged 6 months. His mum was a great believer in the great outdoors and getting as much fresh air to babies as possible....but only she would have sat him on the potty under a sunshade!!!!!

The second card is a get well card I made for my friend Ann, who has been so pleased to report that she is, at last, starting to make a recovery....have certainly missed her wonderful blogging!!! I made the background with Distress Inks, then overstamped it with a Stamping Up stamp. The little house is absolutely one of my favourites and is by Home Impressions...again painted with Distress Inks xxx

Hope everything stays the right way up this time...fingers crossed x
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Belated Valentines!!!!

Here are the card and picture I made for Valentines Day...they were well received, as all my hand made offerings are. It is nice to have such an appreciative family! I sometimes think they wonder what I do upstairs in my craft room for hours on end, but they certainly love to receive the things I make them!!
The card was made using a stamp I downloaded and then painted using Distress Inks. I embossed the hearts on the tree and attached to the card using brads.
The picture was a straight lift from a magazine called Simply Handmade and was designed by Emily Spahn. I loved it as soon as I saw's really simple, but very eye catching and effective.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Some Cards.....

Ooops!! Forgot to put my 'title page' on yesterday...I thought the calendar deserved one....and I was getting carried away with my paints and stamps!!
Here are a couple of cards I made last week for a work colleague. One is for her dad and the other for her grandson.

She really liked them and I hope the recipients enjoy them too!!

...and lovely friend Helen has just had a beautiful baby girl, Georgie and this is the card I made to welcome her. This one was slightly traumatic for me as Helen is a very talented paper crafter who has worked for Sizzix and had loads of stuff published in mags, so I wanted it to be 'just right'!! Thankfully she loved it....

Am getting frustrated with this blogger thing cos I can't get my pictures and text where I want them to go...obviously doing something wrong so will have to check it out with the kids later!! In the meantime apologies for my random placements!!!
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Monday, 1 February 2010

January calendar page...DONE!!!

Well I never thought I would...but I DID!!!! Here is my completed January page. I have never done anything like this before, but have to say I have absolutely loved it!! Seeing it develop each day has been February is ready to go and it looks SO bland and boring next to Jan!!! Can't wait to get on with this one now!!
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