Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hide.....and Seek!!!

I've had such a busy week or so, that I wasn't sure I would manage to enter this weeks Stampotique Designers Challenge. So glad I managed it.......the theme has been set by Valerie and is 'Use Up Your Scraps'.

Now I am a scrap-saver extraordinaire...when I first started paper crafting I kept the tiniest of offcuts...'just in case'!! However, I like new sheets of paper and am REALLY bad at using up scraps, even though I'm very good at collecting them!! So this challenge made me think a little...I spread some bits and pieces out to see what I had...

...and decided there must be SOMETHING useful amongst it!! Then I got my favourite box of stamps out (HONESTLY, it is!!) and that had lots or pre-stamped figures in it.... so they are sort of scraps, right??

I found a piece of paper that I'd hacked a flower off at some time and cut out the rest to make a border (forgot to take 'before' photo, but you get the idea?

I then found a piece of old book paper which had been previously sprayed with yellowy, orange inks and noticed that the words were rather appropriate to be made into a bright sunshine!!!

I chose images of Head and Olivia and when I placed them on the card they looked like they may have been enjoying a game of 'Hide & seek' in the tall flowers, so I found some apt words in an old dictionary!

 A bit of doodling (you know I can never resist!) completed my card.

When I showed it to Bethany she said, "It's lovely, but it doesn't really look like you used scraps!" I think I may have been a little grumpy when I assured her that I had!!

Hope you like it now to complete preps for a small family gathering we are holding tomorrow to celebrate my lovely parents Emerald (55th) Wedding Anniversary!!

We are off on holiday on Friday, but I will try and update before we go...if not see you when I get back!