Monday, 24 October 2011

Lots to show!!!

I know I haven't been around for a while...lots going on, that I don't really want to go into, but I have still been finding time for a bit of crafting, just not much blogging. I haven't even been visiting....SORRY!!!! Hopefully things are improving now, so you should see a bit more of me!!
Thought I would share a variety of the things I have been doing over the past month with you...
First of all, another couple of She Art girls..

I have so enjoyed doing these...they are a doddle and I just love the speed at which they can be created!! Am working on a Christmas themed one at the moment, which is taking me a little longer as there are more of my own thought processes, rather than Christy's, going on. It is coming on nicely, though, so watch this space!!

I also completed the second page in my 'Circle Journal'...and here it is.....

I really can't believe I have avoided art journalling for so long....I am just LOVING it!!!

I spent a fabulous day at AFTH with Dyan making a HUGE canvas.......again, it was amazingly quick to create! Ian and Sam were staggered that I had finished it in the time I was out. Here are a few steps....unfortunately the colours don't show up so well on the finished piece :(

...and FINALLY!!! Had a great day with friends on the Ladies who Lunch Play Day.....we were a little depleted, for a variety of reasons, but made enough mess on the table for all the absentees!!! Ann was busy trying out her photography skills with her new she is taking a picture of me taking a picture of her!!!

Here is the fabulous mirror that was made on that day!!! Good old IKEA!!! Haven't done any metal work for ages and really enjoyed it!

Well, I'll leave you with that lot for now....but I also have my Dina Wakely classes to report back on, so I really will be back sooner!!

Bye for now
Jayne xx


Michelle said...

Love this post! I've been happily pinning all of ur work x Its gorgeous

Gez said...

OOoooh Jayne! You are a STAR sharing your gorgeous creations with us! Just what I needed to see!

Love, love, love ALL your creations. Hope you get more time to craft soon.

Best wishes, Gez.xx

patcrafts said...

Good to see you back although I haven't done much blogging myself recently. I just love, love, all of your art work, gorgeous.
Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.xx

Kaz said...

Love you all your work jayne, gorgeous!


Maz said...

It's all gorgeous! Loving your she-art girls, I'm so very tempted to take this course! And very jealous of your classes at AFTH. x

flutterbycrafter said...

Fantastic work Jayne, love the She art girls, so much so, that I've done the class! Everything on your post is fantastic, except the photo of me, but at least we had a good laugh. The canvas you did at AFTH is gorgeous, love your colour choice and the mirror turned out really well. xx

Sandra Hall said...

Yoohoo! Loved reading your post and seeing all your art, which is of course as lovely as you :D Intrigued to see your Christmas She art - and great to hear you've got your own ideas afoot with this one! x

Sue said...

Wow what amazing pieces, I love your art journaling, I've just got Kate Crane's DVD so I really should try this now. Your Ikea mirror is fab - beautiful metal work x

Laura said...

Love your stunning she art peices darling, all of your creations are gorgeous !!!! love them all xxx

Cath Wilson said...

Some absolutely stunning stuff there - ooh, love them all. The colours you used are simply amazing x