Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What a relief!!!

Just a quicky to show you 'the dress'!!!
 It was only the 4th one she tried on...and the previous three looked great too!! Oh to be young and beautiful!! Anyway, it was a one stop shop in Monsoon....dress, shoes, bag, jewellery and flower for hair!!! Now that's what I call a result! She tried the whole lot on when we got home to show grandma and grandad...and of course, dad who had kindly footed the bill!!

So here's a quick look for now...you'll get the full effect at the end of the month!

...and here's the shoes!

Bye for now...xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Bethany look stunning, what a beautiful dress, and oh those shoes, I agree, oh to be young again. You must be so proud. xx

Sandra Hall said...

Your daughter is beautiful Jayne - just like her Mum! Dream dress and shoes and handbag, not forgetting the hair accessory!

Jayne C said...

Thank you for your lovely comments,ladies! She is a love...most of the time, but she has had a tough 12 months with one thing and another. She has just made a real effort to lose some weight and is feeling much happier with herself. I felt quite choked when I saw her in the lovely dresses yesterday...goodness knows what it must be like when you go through the 'wedding dress scenario'!!

patcrafts said...

Bethany looks beautiful in the dress you must be so proud of her. Hope she has a wonderful time.
Pat xx

Paper Paradise said...

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. I always have a peep when comments are left and I must say, I found your blog inspirational, such a variety of projects and techniques. I spent ages browsing and loved every minute of it.
Bethany does look gorgeous in her dress and what quality time you and your Mum enjoyed in London. And to record it with photo's on your blog is an added bonus. It's always great to look back on these events. I am looking forward to keeping up by following your blog and seeing more of your lovely work, oh and the Arstycraft project is brilliant! x