Monday, 3 May 2010

Was that really another month that just nipped by?????

Oh, my!! I know lots of us are saying it....but, where did April go??

Mum and I had the most wonderful time in London last weekend! She hasn't been well recently with her hip/leg giving her a lot of pain, so we decided to take it easy and take time to enjoy the things I had planned for us to do, rather than just charging round shops, the majority of which we could visit in Manchester anyway!!
We had a lovely train journey down, with a very attentive attendant, arriving in just over 2 hours!! After checking into our hotel we went for a sandwich and a bit of a wander. It was St Georges Day and there was quite a lot of celebrating going on!! We happened upon these Morris Dancers just off Carnaby Street!!

We then just had a chill before setting off for Claridges for our afternoon tea. We have done this before, but it was just as lovely as last time!!

Here's mum enjoying the scones!!

The pastries were all exquisite, but this handbag was made entirely of chocolate!! It was beautiful...and far too rich to eat after everything else!! So it was spared!!! We then went to see Mamma Mia! which mum absolutely too!!
The following day we went to Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing place to see, and the guide we had was really interesting! Here's mum after our visit...

The tulips were beautiful! Preparations were well under way for the London Marathon, and whilst I tried my hardest to get mum to put on a chicken suit and run....she just wouldn't!!
On Sunday we had lunch in Fortnum & Mason before catching the train home and as I walked down the stairs I was faced with this sight...

....remind you of anything???!!! It was just like seeing one of Tim's stamps magnified loads of times!!!

We had a wonderful time! It was great to spend some time with my lovely mum...just the two of us! She does so much for me and I just love her to bits!!

I have had such a busy week since we came back, working 4 days in Nursery rather than my usual two....with being away last weekend and being ill the week before that, I have only just caught up on my ironing so crafting has had to take a back seat...never good news!!
Anyway, I am glad to report that my April pages are complete......

...and May is ready to go!!

Theme wise I wasn't sure where to go with this one, so I thought about the beautiful blossom that is all around us at the moment and went 'pink'!!! I remembered that May is famous for Queens and Whit Walks and things, so decided to 'crown' my title!!

Well, that was a bit of a marathon (pardon the pun!) now about to embark on another one! I am taking Bethany into Manchester, to find a dress for her Leaver's Ball at school at the end of the month! I have braced myself and am ready for what lies ahead!!!!! Watch this space! Ian and Sam are meeting us later for something to eat...

Bye for now xx


chrisg said...

So glad it's not just me who is wondering where this year is going to. Your pages are stunning Jayne -May Queens and Whit Walks - sheeesh now you're taking me back LOL.

Looks like you and your mum had a great time in London - but HOW, HOW could you bypass chocolate?? LOL.
Have a great Bank Holiday

patcrafts said...

So pleased you had such a wonderful time in London and the weather was kind to you.
Your pages are lovely, great idea the crowns. I remember in Lancashire you always celebrated Whit whereas us heathens in Yorkshire didn't do much.
Hope you find the dress without too much stress.
Pat xx

Sandra Hall said...

Hiya Jayne.
Oh what a very Englishly elegant time you had in London! And i agree with Chris - how could you pass on that chocolate handbag!
Your May pages look fab - you've used some gorgeous papers for you journal blocks. I like your crown idea too - tops the page of very nicely!

flutterbycrafter said...

Wow Jayne both pages are beautiful, I love the crowns and had a chuckle at the wellies on the April page. Glad you both enjoyed your trip to London, give my love to your lovely Mum. I don't know wht Pat's talking about us heathens in Yorkshire, we always celebrated Whit, new clothes etc., here in the Republic of South Yorkshire, lol. xx