Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What a mess......!!!!!

Am busy making a book at the daughter is 18 at the end of next month and I wanted to do something special for her. I am really enjoying it now I've got going, but I do seem to make the most horrendous mess in my workspace!! I looked at my desk yesterday afternoon and had to wonder how on earth anything even halfway presentable came off it!!! So...I thought I would share my 'glorious mess!! I've also put some of the more organised parts in so you can see I'm not all bad!! Will share some of my pages tomorrow x
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flutterbycrafter said...

Hiya Jane, thanks for your lovely comments. Love the look of your craft room, I recognise some of the storage drawers and shelves, and the Ikea ones! xx

Linda Elbourne said...

I LOVE your fan stand ...if they write a book on 101 uses for a Ranger dabber ... you just gotta enter that one.
Thanks for sharing hun ... I love having a good old rummage in other people's stash :0)

Dylan said...

well, how come I just knew it was gonna be sooooo organised. Want to know where my surrrogate mum sits tho...Will ring you early next week with date, when i know whats happenning in the la la land I inhabit..!! xx

Jayne C said...

Linda,your comment made me laugh so much!!! It's getting to be a case of 'how high dare we go?' with stacking stuff up!! The fan fits perfectly on top of the dabber stand and is a perfect height for blowing cool air!! My dad has a saying that everything has more than one use...he's so right!!!