Thursday, 24 February 2011

What a week!!! know when you have a plan, and it goes completely wrong?? Well that was me this week!!! Ian was away in Florida (...on business allegedly!!) so I decided I'd have a really crafty few days. I went blog hopping and wrote a list of challenges of all the things I felt I could tackle. I even NEARLY completed the one for Play Date just needed a few finishing touches.....then...I got THE PHONE CALL!!!
It went a bit like this...... "Hi Mum...thought I'd let you know...just been to the walk-in centre and they think I may have appendicitis so I'm on my way to hospital"...yes, it was Sheffield! Not that far away in reality, but FAR TOO FAR for my liking!!

Well to cut a long story short I spent from Friday to Sunday travelling between Manchester and Sheffield to 'the sickbed'. On Sunday I got a grip and realised I really needed to stay over there!! After many tests it was decided that it was indeed the appendix causing the problem, and it was whipped out! I was able to bring her home on Tuesday evening...much to my relief! She is still in quite a lot of pain..and has a wonderful battle scar...mum is convinced they used Glossy accents to glue her back together again...whatever happened to good old-fashioned stitches?? She said to me a couple of weeks ago that she would like to come home for Sam's birthday (yesterday) but I have to say I think these were very extreme measures to take!!
Talking of Sam's is his card..

I coloured some old book pages with various DI's. The bird stamp is a 'freebie' from Craft Stamper but I felt he needed longer legs....just like Sam (17, and 6'3"!!) I drew them on. The bird is also coloured with DI's.

A closer look at 'Birdy (Crowy) Long Legs!'

It was also Ian's birthday whilst he was away....and here is his 'well-travelled' card...yes it's been to Florida, and back!!

 I coloured the background paper with Dylusions Ink Sprays and then sprayed more over a mask. The stamps are 7 Gypsies... I really wanted to use that 'crow' and couldn't think of a better opportunity! Because the envelope was black and a bit tricky to write on, I decorated that too!!

When I eventually got back onto my blog yesterday, I was greeted with wonderful news. I had a comment from Lily at The Octopode Factory to tell me that I had won her giveaway....just what I needed to cheer me up!! Can't wait for my goodies to arrive!!

I am writing tonight from a hotel room in Newport Pagnell. To be honest my feelings are mixed....I am SOOOOO excited about my class with Tim Holtz tomorrow, but a little guilty at having to leave Bethany. She is in the VERY CAPABLE hands of my wonderful mum, who has taken over nursing duties in my absence, and I know she will be more than well looked after!! So...onwards and upwards...I am going to have a ball.....and will be displaying my production VERY soon!

Bye for now...I really need an early night.....!!!



patcrafts said...

OMG poor Bethany and poor you it's just what you need when miles apart. I hope she continues to make good progress and I am sure she will be well looked after by your Mum.
Congrats on winning Octopode goodies.
Love the cards and the very appropriate Mr Crow.
Have a wonderful weekend with Mr T everyone I know says how great he is. xx

Sandra Hall said...

Flippin' heck Jane - I bet your heart was pumping driving over the pennines to get to Bethany! Glad she's home and on the mend.
Youj are in for a treat with Mr Holtz - he is a geniune easy going guy and a great educator - relax and have mucho fun :D! x x

flutterbycrafter said...

Aw, poor Bethany, glad she's on the mend now. It's terrible when they're away from home and all they want is their Mum, have a fantastic weekend, I'm sure you will and don't worry about your family, they're been well looked after by your lovely Mum. xx

Gez said...

Goodness Jayne what a week! Hope your DD is improving everday & you had a WONDERFUL time yesterday..xx can't wait to see your pics :D
Love your cards they are absolutely brilliant. The bird with the long legs FAB!! & what can I say about Mr him!
Wishing you a peaceful weekend. Enjoy.xx

Sam said...

Ouch! You had a bad time of it - going to TH's must have been a blessing - four (quick) hours of hectic box construction. Love your long legged birdie! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments - Fergus was sat at the back of the room - centre table. He was sooo busy he was very quiet. He loves crafting and this isn't the first time he has been at a crafty do!!! LOL!!! If you go on tonight you should see him with Leandra and Lin!!!!